Veronica Güity, the Bronx Bestie, invites you on exciting adventures across the borough, and it’s neighboring areas highlighting top restaurants and cultural gems.

From beloved soul food joints to hidden global cuisine spots, her recommendations promise culinary delight.

Follow her fun-filled escapades for an insider's guide to the vibrant tapestry of Bronx culture and cuisine.

Veronica Güity


Veronica Güity, a proud Bronxite hailing from the vibrant Soundview section, embodies the rich tapestry of her heritage and community. As a second-generation Ghanaian, Veronica's love for culture and cuisine runs deep, instilled by her upbringing in the heart of New York City's most diverse borough.

A passionate storyteller and producer, Veronica traverses the Bronx and its neighboring areas, shining a spotlight on its hidden gems – from eclectic eateries to cultural institutions. Her mission is to celebrate and share the flavors and traditions that make the Bronx a melting pot of experiences.

In her personal life, Veronica is happily married to her best friend, Wes Güity, a Bronx-raised Garifuna with whom she shares a profound connection to their roots. Together, they nurture their family of five, including their three children: Kwasi, Joy, and Grace, instilling in them the same appreciation for their heritage and community that defines their own lives.

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